Photo Walks in a Virtual World Pt. 1 – Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3)

This post was originally written and posted in 2013 on an old site.

I’m sure you’re aware of Grand Theft Auto, the notorious gaming series that is now synonymous with open world exploration and gaming events to make your mother cry. Well, the latest version is still all the things it was before, it’s crude, crazy and perpetually violent.

I’ve put a good number of hours into the game since buying it, most of these have been spent exploring the world Rockstar created. One of the most impressive things about this game is that they’ve made it look better than GTA IV despite it still being on the PS3/XBox and not the next generation of consoles. This has been achieved almost exclusively with lighting. When you get right down to the textures they’re not all that impressive but the way they light Los Santos and Blaine County is impressive.

Panoramic image created in Photoshop and turned into a Photosphere


Something that has been developed well for this game after introduction in previous titles was the mobile phone as a way of interacting with the game world in a new way. Each main character has his own phone modelled on a real-life equivalent. Michael uses the iFruit (iPhone) Franklyn uses something that is very close to Samsung’s Galaxy range and Trevor uses a Windows Phone, I’ll hazard a guess it’s based on the Nokia Lumias. What the phone choice of each character and their respective levels of wealth and social standing say about how Rockstar view the current mobile phone wars I won’t touch on here.

Now the reason for this post and one of my favourite aspects of the game so far is the Snapmatic application that allows you to take photos using your phone camera. This has been a great deal of fun for me, I’ve spent a good number of hours just wandering around snapping pictures of the game world in all its glory.

Below are a small selection of the photos I’ve taken, some are edited using Google+ built-in photo tools.




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